While doing a little reading about the curfew law mentioned in this MetaFilter thread, I found some other strange laws that are remain on the books in the fine city of Houston. Here are some of the things that are illegal:

And, in addition, the curfew law in question seems a little hinky to me, specifically section 28-173(d), which sets up a special exemption for religious events. Why should religious events get targeted government approval? (Oh, wait… it’s Texas we’re talking about.)


I believe the city of Santa Cruz also has the same “no sitting on sidewalks” ordinance. From what I hear it’s to try and keep homeless people from sitting on sidewalks. Because you know, it takes up valuable curbspace.

• Posted by: Minuk on Aug 19, 2002, 10:34 PM

It’s not just religious events which have exemption — school events, government-sponsored events (what would that be, I wonder, besides city council meetings), and travel to and from work are also permitted.

What was hinky to me was the school day curfew, which eliminates something that’s fairly common around here, the “open campus” idea. Seniors and honor student juniors whose schedules would have them languishing in study hall or unneeded electives all afternoon or all morning are permitted (within guidelines) to leave school early or come in late. This curfew law would eliminate private school’s abilities to extend this privelege to their good students, for no good reason.

• Posted by: Dreama on Aug 20, 2002, 6:20 AM
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