I have to say, it’s damn cool that it looks like Fred Thompson, former attorney and minority counsel of the Watergate hearings, former movie actor, and current U.S. Senator from Tennessee is going to be the next New York District Attorney on Law & Order. Given Dianne Wiest’s uninspired performance over the past two years, it’ll be nice to have someone come in who has the chutzpah that Steven Hill had.

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If his “performance” during the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee’s debate on the Department of Homeland Security was any indication, he should be fine. His back-and-forth banter with Senator Lieberman made sitting through those sessions almost bearable. It was certainly better than listening to Dick Armey say “the Chair recognizes himself for such time as he may consume” over and over again during the debate in the House Committee. Zzzzz…

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It’s been a bad week for fans of Law & Order (like me) inasmuch as we’ve now learned that A&E,

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