All of the third year pediatrics residents have to do one major presentation, a talk about an interesting case that we’ve seen, including a discussion of the literature that’s relevant both to how the child presented and the disease the child ended up having. Mine is tomorrow, at 8:00 AM. Wish me luck!


Good Luck! Bonne Chance! Give ‘em hell. What case are you presenting?

• Posted by: Liz Tracey on Aug 21, 2002, 9:52 AM

If only you had been there to witness my then-5 year old daughter’s shingles. The dr. was joyful, much to my dismay, and quite literallly ran off looking for a student. At any rate, good luck with your presentation.

• Posted by: Kathy on Aug 21, 2002, 12:38 PM

From the cases you’ve talked about here, it seems to me that you have a wealth of fascinating material to choose from. Break a leg!

• Posted by: Chuck on Aug 21, 2002, 6:16 PM

I presented a ten year-old boy who came into the ER after passing out, and ended up having a large lymphoma in his heart that was causing intermittent obstruction of flow out to the rest of the body. It was great, because I essentially got to do two presentations, one on syncope and the other on lymphoma.

And as for the boy, he’s doing great. They took out the mass, and found no other evidence of lymphoma. He’ll undergo about three months of chemotherapy, and has an excellent prognosis (in the 80-90% range).

• Posted by: Jason on Aug 22, 2002, 11:09 AM
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