I’ve gotta say, the best thing that has come out of the brouhaha over RSS 2.0 is that I’ve started reading rss-dev again.

(For those who don’t know, or who aren’t following the ruckus out of sheer amusement, RSS is a specification which enables websites to provide content in an easier-to-syndicate manner. There has been an authoritarian rollout of a new RSS version, and this has caused an understandable amount of angst in the developer community, many members of which use rss-dev as a more democratic forum for discussions aimed at improving the specification.)

Much like my move off of UserLand’s Manila to Movable Type, spending a little time looking over the shoulders of the developers on rss-dev reminds me that there are actually people out there who put effort into trying to improve the general community of personal website authors. This makes me happy, and makes me much more likely to use their technologies and products.

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