A friend of mine asked me to help him fill a computer job here in New York City. Here’s his (slightly edited) description:

I am looking for an entry-level employee for a hybrid tech/production job. The person will need strong Windows 2000 skills, as well as an ability to learn. The magazine is starting to move into digital photography, and is now looking for help handling the files. The back-end system is a very cool image database with 1.4 million images; on a normal day, the magazine inserts 4,000 images and has 250 concurrent users. The work schedule is less than ideal — it includes Saturday, Sunday, and most holidays.

I can say this: the magazine is a great place to work, with lots of resources and many cool people. I know many people who work (and have worked) there, and can honestly say that the position that my friend is looking to fill is a legitimate way for someone to start working up either the technological or the editorial ladder. If you’re interested, or you know someone else who’s interested, do not email me. Instead, email picjob@jache.com with the subject “Digital Job”.