This link is for Lisa, who appears to need a good turn in her seemingly-neverending quest for satisfactory housing in the Big Apple: Keeping Spot and Fluffy Home. (It’s a good review of NYC’s Pet Law, which can be summarized thusly: if you have a pet for three months and make no efforts to hide it from those who maintain your building, then no matter what your lease says, you and your pet are legally in the clear.)


I have two dogs in my home, but the femle just
give birth, I have been giving most of the puppies away. My two big dog one is a husky the other is a
pug. They have been living here over a year. Recently, I got letter from my building management saying I am harboring two big dogs and serveral puppies want to take legal action. The super is not the problem, he does not complaint my dogs. Perhaps the tenant downstair complaint directly to the building management. If they are indeed the one that compalint, they have be living some many people in the apartment more than most of other apartments. Because they have so many kids and make noise themselve. I don’t want to confront with them. What should I do now.
The puppies eventually will go away and I need more time.

• Posted by: KIng Ho on Nov 16, 2002, 12:43 PM
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