Not that people haven’t seen these before, but in my work today I stumbled upon two good pages about the strict rendering modes of web browsers. The first, CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6, is from Microsoft’s library; it describes all of the cascading stylesheet differences that IE6 brings to the table. The second, Eric Meyer’s Picking a Rendering Mode, does a good job of covering the oddities of both IE and Mozilla, as well as earlier versions of the Netscape rendering engine.

(Of course, every time I read any articles like these, I realize how badly I cannot wait for the day where web designers don’t have to worry about major rendering differences between web browsers.)


Eric Meyer’s page was nice to read. I really liked how he did not point fingers at the writers of the browsers, but still gave a good overview of some of the major differences.


• Posted by: Sam Greenfield on Oct 1, 2002, 12:14 AM
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