For the end of my vacation, I’ve spent the last three days in Atlanta, Georgia with Shannon; we’ve been visiting Alaina for the last time (actually, my first and last times) before she makes a big move northward. We’ve had a great time — shopping has been a huge part of it, playing with the menagerie of animals down here has been another, and watching movies has made up the rest.

Tonight, we watched, and the best I can characterize my emotional response is that it spanned the barometer from amused to incensed. Honestly, though, I was most saddened by the news that Tom formed another startup with Kaleil; I guess that some people really do always want to assume the best about others.

Tomorrow, it’s back to NYC, and Monday, it’s back to the emergency room for two weeks. It will be nice to get back to work (although I will also be returning to a personal project that got some bad news in the last two weeks), and back to my kiddos in clinic.


The funniest part of the film for me was imagining a company named “Ed to Ceasar!”

• Posted by: Jacob Shwirtz on Oct 6, 2002, 12:47 PM
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