My next mini-project: build a new Movable Type website that uses the mt-rssfeed plugin to allow me to download a good amount of my daily website reads to my PalmPilot. Or has someone already written a good tool to allow syndicated reading on a PalmPilot?


Hmm - interesting idea. I just got myself a Treo, so I’ve started poking around at ideas for pulling down my subscriptions.

First thing is… Will you be scheduling regular re-builds of the page you’d use the mt-rssfeed plugin, seeing that it’s a baked (and not fried) page?

As for other tools, well there’s Offnews by Kevin Burton, which generates content that looks like this. I’m thinking of using that, or possibly a modified version of AmphetaDesk. Then, along with either of those, I’d use Plucker to auto-generate news bundles for me on my iBook and drop them into the “Files to Install” folder for me when I sync.

• Posted by: l.m.orchard on Oct 16, 2002, 1:48 PM


Stacy Tabb at Sekimori Designs has done this for me. I don’t know the technology behind it, but I use MT and have a link on my home page. She might be able to help you.

Also, I notice that you seem to have “imported” all of your old Manilla/Radio entries into MT. How were you able to pull that off?

Nice site. I enjoy it! SP

• Posted by: Steve Pilgrim on Oct 16, 2002, 4:53 PM

I did something like this, it’s a 1/2 done hack I never bothered to clean up. It uses my Amphetadesk subscription file, here’s what the output looks like. I just sync it using AvantGo on my old Palm III and I’m good to go…

• Posted by: pete on Oct 29, 2002, 9:41 AM
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