This past week’s Slate Diary was a great one. It was written by Zac Unger, a Californian firefighter who is the father of a 27-week preemie; he’s done a pretty damn great job of capturing the day-to-day medical issues that the tiniest of preemies face. He also focuses a bit on the issues that I rarely deal with (and thus don’t think about that much), like difficulties with insurance coverage and interactions between parents on a medical ward. And the most interesting twist to Zac’s story: his daughter was carried by a surrogate mother.


I was in Modesto for a short time this weekend and we drove by the Vagabond. I couldn’t help but wonder how Percy was doing. Too bad the diary series only lasts for a week, I’d like to hear how they’re all doing again. And while I think “Percy” is a dreadful name for anyone, I can’t argue with naming her after Perserverance.

(And having spent plenty of time in this town, I am completely in agreement with Mr. Unger on how everything there is only a slight step up from crackwhoredome most of the time.)

• Posted by: Jennifer on Nov 4, 2002, 5:09 PM

In response to Jennifer…I too wish to hear more about little Percy. Even though it was only a week of writing I can’t help but want to know if she is fighting infection and enjoying her “kangaroo care”

• Posted by: Nicole on Nov 14, 2002, 8:35 PM
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