Today, in the four hours that I played pool with Shannon’s dad, the cellphone of the teenage guy at the table next to us rang somewhere in the vicinity of thirty times. He probably spent two of the four hours on the phone. At some point during the time I spent there, a young lady friend came to join him; we only saw them speak to each other twice, but at least four times, he and she were on their cellphones at the same time, wedging them between their ears and shoulders while shooting.

I wonder which will happen first: (a) cellphones will cease to be so damn annoying; (b) society will relegate cellphones to the status held by cigarettes a decade ago, wherein some places ban them outright, others accept them, and yet others give patrons a choice. Personally, I can’t wait for a restaurant to ask me: “Would you like cellphones or no cellphones, sir?”


They’ll be implanting phones soon, and then what will people gripe about?

• Posted by: Charles on Nov 30, 2002, 12:05 PM

I have a cell phone…it spends 90% of it’s time on the charger or in the glove compartment of my car, off.
you will have to seperate the cell phone/no cell phone section with sound barrier walls, because I want to hear the rings when they start going off…

• Posted by: Jase on Nov 30, 2002, 3:16 PM

Gbrody (Gyongyi), I’ve deleted six comments from you thus far, because you’re just not a member of this community, you’re posting a comment here to another entry entirely, and on top of that, you’re just not comprehensible. We’ve discussed this before. This is my final request for you to stop posting here, forever; please feel fairly well-assured that I will begin a conversation with AOL’s support and abuse group if you don’t just go away.

• Posted by: Jason on Dec 1, 2002, 7:55 PM
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