I think it’s damn funny that, in Leander Kahney’s wrap-up article about his five-part series on Mac loyalty, he exhibits (and denies!) the exact same traits that he spent five articles detailing. Macs as psychosexual tools? Yes for others, no for him, but he does want “to touch them, feel them, caress them.” Owners are more obsessed with Apple as a brand than Macs as products? Yes for others, no for him, but he does acknowledge that “every time Apple comes out with something new, I want it. My god, I want it bad.” It’s either a great way to assuage the authors of the reams of flame mail he got, or a funny way of demonstrating that his series was based in the reality of his own life.


OK - not a mac comment - but I have to say it must be great for you that when someone runs a search on AOL for “monkey cat” (see your referrer log) your site comes up. My question is: who the hell is searching for “monkey cat” in the first place?

• Posted by: Steve on Dec 10, 2002, 8:12 AM
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