Bookmarks for next week’s threatened New York City transit strike: NYC strike information center, NYC MTA home, NY1’s transit page, Daily News’ Gridlock Sam.


I think it’s really selfish for the transit workers to screw the public to achieve their ends. People are gonna miss job interviews, hospital visits, many important and valuable appointments simply because you don’t gice a sh*t about the public. Today I saw a transit worker blocking one of the turnstiles on the G and noticed the train going deliberately slow and hesitating opening and closing the doors. As if people that ride the G don’t have enough problems with delays. If you think this isn’t going to result in violence when you pull this during rush hour you will be in for a surprise. If I see a line of people blocked because some MTA worker is standing in front of a working turnstyle that person is getting pushed out of the way. I think violence is a last resort and won’t swing on anyone but I am not delaying my day because some selfish piece of garbage is trying to make my life even more difficult. I’m not the only one I know that feels this way and I’m not talking tough because I’m behind the computer. If you are ignorant enough to deliberately deteriorate the quality of New Yorker’s lives you deserve any violence that comes your way.

• Posted by: brian on Dec 15, 2002, 12:08 AM
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