Oh, this is great. Alan Ralsky granted the Detroit Free Press an interview, during which he bragged about his ability to send over a billion unsolicited email messages a day and gave the columnist a tour of the $740,000 home/computer center that he built with the money he’s earned sending out other peoples’ spam. Slashdot users discovered the address of the new home and posted it online; this led to the mysterious appearance of tons of unsolicited real mail in his mailbox. Needless to say, Ralsky isn’t amused, but after having deleted over 1500 junk messages from my spam filter inbox, I’m plenty happy to see that he’s being forced to lie in the bed he made.

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Try also sending to the address below using the following names: Allan Ralsky Allen Ralsky Adam Ralsky Spam-a-langa-ding-dong Ralsky (Trust

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fill him up the all his shit

• Posted by: kloX on Dec 16, 2002, 10:51 AM
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