Apropos of nothing, it turns out that the information we all learned in high school about eye color inheritance — brown dominant over blue, work it all out with a one-gene Punnett Square — turns out to be not all that accurate. To date, three genes have been discovered which involve determination of eye color, EYCL1 (also known as gey), EYCL2 (bey1), and EYCL3 (bey2). The ways that these genes interact can’t explain all of the known inheritance patterns of eye color (like blue-eyed parents with brown-eyed children), though, so there are at least a few other undiscovered genes out there.


Well, my mother is a case study of this issue.

Her mother and father both had blue eyes. She has brown eyes. We know that her father is her real father — not only was my grandmother a cold fish who felt sex was a “marital duty”, but Mom has passed on several of my grandfather’s traits to me (such as my red hair). My grandmother had a very difficult time with her birth, so they had no other children. It would have helped to explain the anomaly if there had been other children from my grandfather and grandmother’s marriage.

I’ve seen several theories about this, one of them being a “chimera” theory — it is possible for one person to have two people’s genetic information, it happens if two fertilized eggs “merge” in the womb.

I’d love to find out exactly why Momm wound up with brown eyes — if my grandmother really was a “chimera” it would be interesting!


• Posted by: Mara on Jan 4, 2004, 7:02 AM

Can a black individual be born with blue eyes?

• Posted by: Greg on Mar 16, 2004, 6:28 PM

Both my maternal grandmother and my husband’s maternal grandmother had green eyes? What is the probability of my children having green or hazel colored eyes? Both sets of our parents have brown eyes. The recessive gene for green eyes is in both of our mothers.


• Posted by: Melissa McKinney on Apr 26, 2004, 4:45 PM

the mother of my grandson slept with both of my sons. the older son whom was her boyfriend at the time has questioned the paternity of the child. i believe the child belongs to him; he has a great deal of his charateristics including his eye color. my question is this… my youngest son has green eyes like mine, the mother of the child has green eyes as well, my oldest has brown eyes; my grandson has brown eyes. what is the chances of two green eyed people produceing a brown eyed child? my grandson is almost 3 yrs. old and i see my oldest in him in many ways not to mention he looks just like his father. this question needs emediate attention. please e-mail the answere asap please.

• Posted by: trudy willis on Apr 28, 2004, 10:51 AM
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