Perhaps the best description (and dissection) of the worm that caused havoc here on Saturday, and continues to cause general slowness across the Internet, is over at Matthew Murphy’s site. I’ve got to say, as much annoyance as the virus has caused, it’s beautifully elegant; its simplicity, though, is what has led to the ease with which the damage has been controlled.


This is rich…

One of the domains that I’m responsible for is hosted at Verio (not my idea). I dropped them an email on Monday, 1/27 because we could not access our email accounts or the web parking page.

Today (1/29) I got this response:

” Thank you for contacting Verio shared web hosting technical support. The issue is being caused by the mysql worm which you’ve likely heard about in the news. It is disrupting internet traffic intermittently over the vast majority of the internet. Our systems are and have been immune to infection from this worm since a patch was released about 6 months ago. However the same cannot be said for all the other servers connected to the internet. The traffic from infected systems is intermittently overwhelming various routers and backbones around the internet, and thereby interfering with legitimate traffic reaching our systems. Our engineering dept is working diligently to keep our system from being impacted, but we cannot affect the networks that we are connected to, and the intermittent problems therein will affect your ability to reach our network, and your sites. Currently our networks are freely accessible, and this will probably continue. However, we cannot guarantee that the same holds true for all points between your location and ours.”

• Posted by: steve a. on Jan 29, 2003, 12:25 PM
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