Just in case you were wondering, Dan Chaon’s story on McSweeney’s, “The Bees,” is a near-perfect description of night terrors. I only hope that Frankie’s pediatrician told his parents this…


When my youngest went through night terrors we would be unable to bring her to a conscious state. She would many times be half here and half in the dream world. She would look at you and speak as if talking to you but she was obviously talking to someone in her dream. She would somtimes scream at me or my wife as if I we were the monsters in her dream.

The terrors are two-fold for sure, the terror she was experiencing and the terror we had trying to bring her out of the dream and into the safety of her bedroom with her mother and I.

We finally began to recognize these occurrences before they got too involved and we could get her up out of bed and make her go to the bathroom. If we caught it early enough that would be enough to get her to wake up and going to the bathroom seemed to be enough to distract the dream and prevent the terror from becoming to terrific.


• Posted by: Rod K on Feb 4, 2003, 9:53 AM

Hello. I’ve always had night terrors and my family never seemed to do anything about them, so I’m just wondering how your daughter is now? Do you think you’ve helped her life by trying to rid her of night terrors?

As I grow older and this brain of mine becomes evermore cluttered, my night terrors seem to become more vivid and at times I will be half awake, staring out my bedroom window at things I know don’t exist, shapes of people, spiders, etc…

Sometimes I am startled awake and I am still in my dreams etc…

I suppose in a way I’ve never really thought anything wrong with me, I’ve always just figured it is that way I am so no big deal, but after reading your comment I can tell that maybe this is something I should really look at.

I don’t know is there any way you could help me? Do I need help? Email if you get this thank you.


• Posted by: justin on Apr 5, 2004, 2:47 PM
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