A few collected links about the Hudson Railyards, which was pictured behind Alison on our High Line jaunt and is the proposed site of a massive development project:

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Mmm, nice assortment of linkage!

The High Line people are going to run into trouble — I’m surprised they’ve gotten this far. Part of it is the presence of DEA and FBI (occupied) buildings around the highline. They don’t want greater public access to their buildings.

The West Chelsea community that is a part of the Highline bugs me, I have to say. Sinking millions into a playground for the upper middle class while there’s a massive women’s jail at the corner of 11th and 20th, various ramshackle housing projects on 26th and 27th streets, and a hideously underfunded and scary city STD clinic just over on 9th Ave.? Misplaced priorities. There’s a massive fiscal crisis in the City and in the nonprofit world and these people are obsessed with making this (toxic) railway yard into a park. The development of West Chelsea in general is unprecedented in New York, and in many ways is unsustainable — greedy eccentric landlords, overpriced luxury housing, a complete lack of building sales, and an inflated rental price per square foot that results in the inability to sustain anything but upscale art galleries.

Sorry to get all Marxist in yer comments!

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