I think that I’m big enough to admit to the fact that tonight, while deleting the 2600 unsolicited email messages I have received in the past 8 days, I totally failed to appreciate the irony of the three messages entitled “Tired of Deleting Junk eMail?”.

I can’t wait for there to be a tenable way to stem the tide of spam.


What frustrates the heck out of me is the fact that spammers are starting to intentionally mispell words to try and work around the Bayesian / Spam Assassin filters. So now I’m starting to get stuff appearing that has “rapze” and stuff like that. *sigh*.

What I can’t understand, and perhaps others more familiar with Web law can explain is: Why isn’t this illegal, like junk faxing is?

• Posted by: Neil on Feb 12, 2003, 11:13 PM

Bayesian filters (OS X Mail, Mozilla 1.3) work great for me… almost no false positives (less than 1 in 100 for me, and the few are mails that you could consider voluntary spam) and catches most spam (at least 95%, and mispellings get caught the second time).

And yes… very bad things crossed my mind when I saw the “Junk Mail” spam.

• Posted by: Sebastian on Feb 13, 2003, 12:07 PM

Sweet Jebus, 26 *hundred*? All to q@queso, or elsewhere? I’ve aggressively reported stuff arriving at my AOL inbox and keep it under 1-2 per day. And my Yahoo account just this prior week stopped getting tons of bulk mail — dropped from 5/6 daily down to the same 1/2.

Hotmail, of course, is as bad as ever.

• Posted by: Dan Hartung on Feb 13, 2003, 11:35 PM

I use a home-brewed procmail accept-list, and get no spam, and no false positives.


• Posted by: Nic on Feb 14, 2003, 2:05 AM
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