This weekend was the first one that has even approximated spring in New York City, and walking around on the streets, it’s clear how ready we’ve all been for this. People came out in droves yesterday and today, with their kids on the street, their beach towels in the parks, and their drinks at the outdoor cafes that have been packed away in restaurant basements for far too long. There’s even a lot of clothing confusion evident, with polar fleeces tied around the waists of those who didn’t trust that it could finally be warm outside, and at the other extreme, people with bare arms and legs scurrying out of the still-cool shadows for warmer, sunnier sidewalks. Signs are starting to appear on lampposts advertising street fairs, store owners are leaving their doors propped open and seeding the breeze with the smells of freshly-prepared foods, and everyone’s mood is a thousand percent improved from two weeks ago. This is the New York City that I love with all my heart, and I couldn’t be happier that it decided to grace us with its presence.

(Incidentally, the coming of spring in NYC brought along with it a new sidebar panel over there on the right, keeping track of my rollerblade distance for the year. Last weekend was my inaugural blade, winding around the Central Park loop nearly twice while chatting with my brother, and today brought another, quicker foray into the Park. I’m hoping that displaying my total mileage will shame me into exercising more; we’ll see how that works out.)