What an incredible evening. As everyone is now painfully aware, my last few weeks have been jam-packed, planning for the move, finishing up at the hospital, and working on my custom content management system. All this time, tonight has been reserved on our calendars as a break, ostensibly for a dinner with Shannon’s parents and some of her father’s colleagues. Thus, we got all gussied up tonight — Shannon wearing, for the first time, a piece of clothing that she had knitted — and headed out to Dos Caminos. Imagine my face when we wound around all the tables and into the very back to find her parents sitting with my entire family and a bunch of my closest friends, all in a surprise party to wish me an early birthday, congratulations on finishing residency, and good luck on the transition to fellowship in Boston. I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever been as surprised. It turns out that Shannon, my sister, and my mother have been working since January to put this together, and it showed; there were hand-dyed name placards, custom menus, and a framed invitation in the middle of the table with a photo of a 1975 version of me blowing out my birthday candles. I had a fantastic time, received gifts both thoughtful and memorable, and left feeling like there was nothing I could have done to deserve that celebration. I’m glowing tonight, a little sadder about leaving everyone, but happier that I have such a close group of people in my life.


Happy birthday, congradulations and good luck with your move. Thanks for all the help in maintaining my site. Ennjoy your Outback. I picked up a Honda Element last week.


• Posted by: christopher smith on Jun 20, 2003, 10:21 PM

Happy birthday from Tokyo!

• Posted by: Gen on Jun 22, 2003, 7:00 AM

Happy Birthday Jason!! (spanish accent goes without saying, si?)

I’m off onco and my free time has much improved. Feel free to check out my website anytime!

• Posted by: Michelle on Jun 22, 2003, 9:12 PM
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