res•er•va•tion (1c): an arrangement to have something (as a hotel room) held for one’s use; also : a promise, guarantee, or record of such engagement.

Something I relearned today: when moving, call all the various companies you’re paying for moving day services to see if they actually intend to provide those services. In the case of moving truck rentals, their contracts are actually explicit in telling you that your reservation isn’t really a reservation of equipment, just of the price of the equipment if they have it to give you, so you have to call to ask if there’s even a chance of them providing everything you’ve asked for. Want the small equipment, like a hand truck? Find a friend with one. Want a truck? Make your reservation for the absolute earliest time the pick-up spot is open, so that you have a chance of getting the few that they will provide. If you rely on the company for everything to work out right, assume that it’ll all work out terribly; at least then, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t fall apart.

I cannot wait until this move is over.

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Just a word of caution regarding movers, ask to see their certificates of insurance for both property and worker’s compensation. Those who are able to promptly reply provide some indicia of reliablity and those who don’t provide a clear warning to stay away.

• Posted by: AJR on Jun 24, 2003, 5:29 PM

Like Jason, I just learned from a moving truck company that the term “reservation” does not mean what I thought it meant. Every day, life grows more and more like a Seinfeld episode….

• Pinged by A Whole Lotta Nothing on Jun 28, 2003, 1:26 PM

It’s enough to make you have reservations about the whole thing.

I’m sorry.
Been browsing ‘pun-oriented’ sites lately - don’t ask why.

BTW, when does that famous server in your closet get moved, or was it already last weekend when the famous weblogs on that famous server were unavailble for a few hours?

Happy belated early birthday (your other post was unclear when the actual date is), best of luck with the big move, and enjoy the side-trips to Harvard to stalk Dave Winer.

• Posted by: wendell on Jun 28, 2003, 8:23 PM

Near beginning of July, a couple of years ago…
Me: I’d like to reserve a truck for September 1st.
Them: OK.

July 31st…
Them: Come pick it up tomorrow morning.
Me: ??? I wanted it for September 1st!
Them: Sorry about that. I’ll make the changes.

August 31st…
Me: Just calling to see when I pick up the truck.
Them: What are you talking about? You cancelled your reservation.

• Posted by: dan on Jun 30, 2003, 1:57 PM

Last year.

Two weeks before the move: Hi, I’d like to reserve a truck for two weeks from now. I want to rent it from 24 hours from evening to evening.
Them: OK.

One week before the pickup date: I’m just calling to make sure that you’ll have my truck in a week.
Them: Sure, it’ll be ready for you.

Two days before the pickup: You’ll have my truck in a two days, right?
Them: Yep.

Day of, in the morning: What’s the latest I can pick the truck up tonite?
Them: What? You can’t rent a truck the night before. Your reservation was for this morning.
Me: I don’t need it today, I need it tomorrow. Can I get one tomorrow?
Them: I doubt it. You should have made a reservation.

I ended up having my in-laws rent a truck 60 miles away and drive it to my house. The total cost, including gas was actually less. The difference? They rented from an local affiliate while I tried to rent from the corporate store. Learned my lesson.

• Posted by: Dane Carlson on Jun 30, 2003, 2:13 PM
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