Wired has a fantastic article in the upcoming September issue on the exploding field of manufactured diamonds, and the threat they pose to the De Beers stranglehold on the industry. One of the main points of the article revolves around whether or not people (specifically women, if you read the subtext of all the quotes) will accept man-made diamonds as equal to their earthen-born counterparts; I think that the more interesting question is whether or not diamonds will fall from their absurdly elevated prestige once the artificial scarcity holding them there is shattered.


Erin read that article and she already wants a $15 3 carat pendant… Of course, she’s somewhat more rational than your average woman (not so rational that she isn’t drawn to shiny things, but rational enough to realize a CZ is just as nice as a real diamond).

• Posted by: PLC on Aug 13, 2003, 11:38 AM

I wouldn’t accept an artificial diamond. I would accept an artificial diamond way before I’d accept a De Beers diamond. But I wouldn’t want a diamond at all. It’s not a real tradition - it was a marketing ploy. And I have a dozen reasons for not wanting a diamond. And some of them would apply even if it were a synthetic diamond.

• Posted by: Chloe on Aug 19, 2003, 9:49 AM
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