Honestly, in the wake of pretty clear evidence of the Catholic church shuffling around pedophiles for years, does the Vatican really want to start another controversy by sending bishops and cardinals out there to claim that condoms are permeable to HIV? More than asinine, it’s just unconscionable, spreading lies and exposing people to an uncurable condition for the sake of religious zeal.


Don’t believe everything you read in the Guardian. In fact, don’t believe anything you read in the Guardian.

After I read this story, I did a little research and ending up agreeing with the Vatican position - the overselling of the benefits of condoms would most likely lead to more HIV infections in Africa.

• Posted by: PLC on Oct 12, 2003, 10:33 AM

Paul, it’s not the Register reporting the Vatican stance alone, it’s a BBC report — that will be aired on BBC television tonight — that was picked up by the Register, along with Reuters and AFP, among many others.

And how does promoting the use of condoms increase HIV infection? More specifically, how is telling people that condoms contains microscopic holes that allow the HIV virus to pass at all justifiable?

• Posted by: Jason on Oct 12, 2003, 1:50 PM

Itís justifiable because itís true.

The use of condoms does reduce the likelihood of contracting AIDS. But it doesnít eliminate any possibility of getting the disease. On the microscopic level, condoms are simply not capable of keeping out a virus as tiny as AIDS. Theyíre not even perfect at preventing a relatively large substance, like sperm, from passing through. Thatís not to say that condoms canít help tremendously, but rather instead to point out the obvious fact that theyíre really not 100% effective.

The Churchís argument that condoms should never be used is based on their argument against artificial conception. But this particular move is more based around the assumption, a right one I think, that organizations like the WHO are telling people that condoms will prevent you from getting AIDS, which is, in the end, a lie. Thus, people who might have refrained from dangerous sexual activities previously are reassured by using a condom, and end up contracting the disease when the condom fails.

• Posted by: Random Stranger. on Oct 12, 2003, 4:52 PM

What he said.

• Posted by: PLC on Oct 12, 2003, 8:11 PM
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