I know you were all just aching to post comments and whatnot, but alas, that ability was hosed here today. (And here, and here, and here.) The reason? Because last night, I was foolish enough to accept a security update to the perl installation on my RedHat Linux box. I’m sure that the update rendered my machine more secure, but it also rendered every single perl script on the machine — including Movable Type — completely unusable. Trying to solve the problem led to a ton of other totally self-recursive problems, like perl not allowing me to install modules because those same modules weren’t already installed. It made for hair-pulling annoyance. In the end, I just downloaded the newest perl source code, recompiled from scratch, and installed what seem to be fifteen dozen modules in order to get everything back up and running.

Crap like this is so annoying, so time-consuming, and just so idiotic. Could you imagine if you had to go through the same crap every time you wanted to install an app on your desktop machine?


The new golden triangle; Convenience; Security; Performance; Pick two.

• Posted by: alan on Oct 14, 2003, 10:02 AM

Well if you actually set up a non-admin account on your XP machine for a novice user in your family to use, you experience exactly this hell. Installing programs like AIM is impossible, and sharing documents between the admin and the novice user is a pain in the ass. Again the golden triangle…and we know unfortunately that users will pick convenience and performance.

• Posted by: John Ludwig on Oct 16, 2003, 12:22 PM
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