Yet another good day of fellowship — a well-received tumor board presentation this morning (on something I knew nothing about prior to preparing it), an interesting consult in the newborn nursery, a probable confirmation of a non-diagnosis of cancer in a teenager, and a great bone marrow biopsy specimen (that came along with a compliment from the hematopathologist!).


Eeewww.. I clicked on one of those links with a painful anatomical diagram. Have pity on us poor nonphysicians, willya? A warning or something?
I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Jonathan Miller’s famous documentary series, “The Body In Question,” it explained so much about doctors that I can still quote it verbatim: “doctors don’t realize that their patients don’t like to visualize themselves as animated bags of glop.” I was never so painfully aware of this as when I spent 2 hours sitting in an exam room waiting for the doctor, with nothing to look at except a huge poster with a dissected diagram of the body part I was about to have surgery on.
Anyway, if you ever get a chance, be sure to see Miller’s documentary series. He is an M.D. but more famous as the leader of the BBC’s “Beyond the Fringe” comedy troupe of the early 1960s.

• Posted by: Charles on Dec 18, 2003, 12:21 AM
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