When I got into my car this morning, the in-dash thermometer read minus 3 degrees. That’s in Farenheit, people. It was three freaking degrees below zero, cold enough to make the insides of my nose freeze in the time it took to walk from my front door to the car. Cold enough to make shifting my car into first gear feel like dragging a two-ton weight through a vat of molasses. Cold enough to make the 200-foot walk between the parking garage and the hospital seem like a legitimate threat to my well-being. Dammit, I grew up in balmy Texas, where temperatures below freezing were less common than Democrats, and when you talked about dressing for the cold, you meant that it would be a good idea to wear pants. Looking at the coming week, we’re going to get up to a truly toasty 38 degrees before plunging back down in the single-digits… I hope that I get through it without losing body parts to frostbite.


That’s not cold. I was in Siberia in February of last year and it was topping out a whopping -14 C.

It’s all about layers. :-)

Cheers from balmy Little Rock, AR.

• Posted by: Cam on Jan 10, 2004, 3:29 PM

Cam, -3F is colder than -14C. (-14C = 7F)

• Posted by: dan on Jan 11, 2004, 1:56 AM

As someone who just moved to Boston from Southern California (where it will be a pampered 75 degrees tommorow), I concur. It hurt my throat to breathe the air. Above freezing sounds like a plan for celebration at this point.

• Posted by: Minuk on Jan 11, 2004, 5:38 AM

Oh you poor babies. Good thing you don’t live in Iowa, where I’ve personally experienced -35F (yes, real temp not wind chill). I actually went out and cross-country skiied in those conditions, I always wanted to try out that arctic ski wax for -30 and below.

• Posted by: Charles on Jan 11, 2004, 4:48 PM

Living in balmy Texas (Austin), I did in fact wear shorts to work today (50s when I left the house this morning, forecast high of 60s). But of course, it’s freezing in the office.

• Posted by: Stan on Jan 14, 2004, 3:52 PM
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