My question about the new Google Toolbar Browse by Name feature: how do you override its behavior? I ask because I might not want to go to Ford’s web page about the Explorer when I type “Ford Explorer” into my Google bar; is the only way to avoid this to avoid the toolbar, go to the Google home page, and type “Ford Explorer”?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the feature, but it seems to move away from making the Google Toolbar an intuitive, brain-dead way to use the power of Google in whatever way users find most effective for them.


I think the Browse by Name works with text you type into the browsers ADDRESS bar; the Google search bar works as normal. So if you typed “Ford Explorer” into the Google bar, you’d get Google search results; if you typed it into your browser’s address bar, it’s off to Ford-land … None of this says I think this is a good idea. What it sounds like is that typing words into your address bar functions like an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search.

I haven’t tried the software yet; this is based on Google’s description of how the new feature works.

• Posted by: Mike on Jul 17, 2004, 9:07 AM

Oh, God, that’s fascinating that I missed that. It’s also interesting that on the page about Browse by Name, they specifically put a box around and highlight the Google bar itself, and not the Address Bar.

• Posted by: Jason on Jul 17, 2004, 4:39 PM
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