I’ve been playing with Andre and Jason’s new bauble, DropCash, and I’ve gotta say I think it’s the bee’s knees, for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s an awesome demonstration of how you can weave a bunch of different tools together into a seamless application — DropCash uses TypeKey for authentication and PayPal for the transactions, and hooks into both through their respective public APIs. Second, it layers an element of community atop the otherwise mundane task of requesting money, and since people generally would use services like this to ask for money from a community of their peers, I think it’s wicked cool to include community elements in the app itself. And third, DropCash itself is cleanly designed and quick to use, both of which are enviable in this era of overengineered and inscrutable web applications.

So, of course, what does a dork like me do when he starts playing with a new web application? Create a test case! I set up a campaign to raise enough money to buy a hardware firewall and VPN server for my home network; since I have a few big servers running here (including the one that hosts this very website, a moderate-volume mail server, a curriculum server for my old pediatrics residency, and the MetaFilter server), I figure that it’s a worthy goal to go for a dedicated, easy-to-use box to protect it all. And if I don’t raise enough, I can always put the money straight into the help-keep-MetaFilter-air-conditioned fund!


Holy crap! After chatting with Andre about DropCash last night, I created the campaign, and at 9:00 PM Eastern on the nose, Andre kicked the first $1 into the pot. I posted this entry at 9:39 PM, and went to sleep soon thereafter. This morning, I was shocked to see that a posting to MetaTalk got the campaign halfway there; then after getting some work done at my desk, an email came in at 10:08 AM telling me that one generous donor put in the last $26 to complete the fund!

Unbelievable. Time to order the PIX!

• Posted by: Jason on Aug 19, 2004, 10:17 AM

For all the work that you do keeping MeFi up and running, I figured we could help. Glad it worked.

• Posted by: Scott on Aug 19, 2004, 2:39 PM


Any chance you’re sensitive to the smell of chlorine? I remember almost passing out once when I was a kid when I went into the shed to get a chlorine tablet for our pool … (I know this comment is posted to the wrong post, but comments don’t seem to be enabled for it.)


• Posted by: Laura on Aug 20, 2004, 3:03 PM
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