Now a week into using Movable Type 3.1, my biggest observation about changed behavior isn’t with MT itself, it’s with MT-Blacklist. The newest version — the one distributed with the Plugin Pack and the only version compatible with MT 3 — no longer has an option to scan your site for blacklist matches, an omission which makes it a good deal harder to clean up after comment spammers.

The old MT-Blacklist would let you search your site for comments that matched your blacklist, and present them all to you so that you could delete them and rebuild the relevant pages. That workflow made sense; frequently, you would get 50 new comments from the same spammer, and in order to get rid of all of them, you’d only have to let MT-Blacklist process one, loading the relevant strings, finding the other 49 comments which matched, and deleting the whole lot of them. That functionality is gone — the new MT-Blacklist handles checking individual messages great, but has no function that lets you check the site for any new blacklist entries and handle matches in bulk.

Maybe I’m missing something; the docs aren’t done for the new version yet, so it’s very possible that I’ve just overlooked the golden link that will do what I need. Alas, if I’ve overlooked it, it’s not for a lack of searching, and at this point I’m dealing with spam one-by-one, and growling the whole time. And in looking through the MT support forums, it appears I’m not the only one!


Dude, have some patience. Both the docs and despam search are coming in a future version. It’s not as if I’ve had a lot of free time recently… :-)

(By the way, if you think about it for a few minutes (and consider how Blacklist groups change things) you’ll see why despam search is a bit more difficult from a user permission standpoint.)

• Posted by: Jay Allen on Sep 10, 2004, 2:40 AM

Totally — I know they’re coming! I was just spoiled silly with MT-B 1.X, and miss the functionality.

• Posted by: Jason on Sep 10, 2004, 8:49 AM

At first I was annoyed as well, but…

You can actually do something similar by just going to the main MT 3.1 interface page and clicking on the Comments tab. This brings up a list of the last x comments. You can select the bad ones there and then click the little “Despam selected comments” link at the bottom of the page. I know it’s not exactly the same, but it gets rid of the comment spam faster than clicking the links one at a time in the email notifications.

• Posted by: James McNally on Sep 10, 2004, 10:56 AM

By the way, how do you get your comments to “automatically close after 60 days”? That sounds like a good idea to me…

• Posted by: James McNally on Sep 10, 2004, 10:57 AM
Please note that comments automatically close after 60 days; the comment spammers love to use the older, rarely-viewed pages to work their magic. If comments are closed and you want to let me know something, feel free to use the contact page!