Did anyone else know that FedEx doesn’t hold themselves to the same guarantees of service during the two weeks before Christmas? It looks like the only thing the company’s willing to stick to is that within five days of Christmas, something shipped via First Overnight, Priority Overnight, or 1-Day Freight will get there within 90 minutes of the guaranteed delivery time (cheating on their regular policy by 89 minutes). If you use any other FedEx shipment method, there are no guarantees during that two-week window.

Now that most of my holiday shopping is done online, that’s a good thing to know.


UPS doesn’t either and the Post Office - which has no gurantees, asks us to add a minimum of a day to every level of service!

• Posted by: Peter T on Dec 16, 2004, 7:38 PM

We do our absolute best! I stop to pee that’s it.
I run from my truck to door. Our priorities are very important to us. It seems that there is always something that slows us, whether it’s weather or an accident. Also, apartment complexes
can be a challenge. If the office is closed and the numbers are not clear it is a real challenge!
We really do care, as we want our mail/packages just like anyone else.
Thank You,

• Posted by: Bryan on Dec 26, 2004, 4:28 AM
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