There’s been a lot of (virtual) ink lately about weblog comment spam, and a similar amount of activity on the part of those who write weblog software to make the practice more difficult, less inviting, and easier to manage. Today, while trawling around in the forums for MT-Blacklist (a plugin for Movable Type that helps deal with the problem), I ran across this genius idea for further fighting comment spam — a proposition for a fake installation of MT that would serve as a honeypot for spammers, drawing their comments in and then feeding them directly into the anti-spam database. A neat idea, indeed, awaiting someone with the skills to implement it!


I’ve always wanted to see some sort of opt-in, coordinated Google Bomb functionality rolled into MT-Blacklist. If enabled, all trapped comments would be diverted to a special page to be indexed by Google, with the link text replaced with the latest phrase grabbed from the MT-B Clearinghouse servers.

Useless, true. But fun.

• Posted by: dansays on Dec 29, 2004, 2:46 PM
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