Count me firmly in the camp of those that think Technorati’s new tag system is a damn fine new bauble. Before today, there were tags for two of the big sources of content online (photos and links); now, there’s a tagging system that encompasses both of those and then throws in the biggest content pool of all, weblog posts. And there’s no reason why participation in the Technorati tagging system is limited to traditional weblog-based content, either — at a bare minimum, all a content producer needs to be able to do is and ping Technorati’s server. What a great way to expand the social networking side of content!

(And since there’s already one out there, for any of the crochety, uninspired “pioneers of the Web” who might have found themselves intimidated by Technorati’s uncomplicated explanation of the service, never fear — Matt Bridges has created a Technorati Tag bookmarklet that makes it even easier.)