About twice a month, I get a request from someone to help them migrate their -based weblog over to or . (It’s a migration I did, and wrote about while misspelling Movable Type, back in 2002.) Each time, I’d send along my script and a hastily-written set of quasi-instructions, and as you’d expect, it ended up not being all that clear. So when I got a similar request today, I finally got off my ass and wrote up a documentation page for the process.

So if you’re looking to get off of Manila (or Weblogger, or Buzzword, or any of the other Manila-based hosting sites), take a look!


Jason’s now published his script for converting Manila to Movable Type (which can then be converted to anything else). He helped Susan convert 6 months ago (when I couldn’t), and I’m glad his recipe is now available for everyone….

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Susan suggested I do this and I never got around to contacting Jason about his script. It is an understatement to call this a Godsend. Hopefully, my first blog will soon be here. Thank you, Jason! PapaScott: Converting Manila to Movable Type Jaso…

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You are reading this site in this WordPress form partly due to Jason Levine of Q Daily News. He wrote a script to export a Manila site to MovableType format, and has announced that the script is now available. Last June, after burning up the better pa…

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