the tivo dude

When the latest TiVo upgrade was released back on January 3rd, I put in a priority request for an upgrade and sat back to wait; most everything I saw said that it would take around four to six weeks to distribute the new version even to those who made it onto the priority list. (Since I use a Powerbook — a machine unsupported by TiVoToGo — as my primary laptop, I wasn’t in any huge hurry to start playing.) Tonight, for no reason at all, I decided to force a daily call — and lo and behold, in came the update! Over broadband, it took about eight minutes to download, another six to eight minutes to process, and final ten or so minutes (and two restarts) to load and return control back to me. (I took a couple pictures of the upgrade process and resultant changes in the menus.)

Happy happy! Now, if TiVo can get on that MacOS support for TiVoToGo, I’ll be pleased as can be.