There are a lot of things going on within and outside our borders that affect the wellbeing of the people of the United States — we have soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq, a currency that’s plummeting in value against those of our economic rivals, two nations openly threatening (and god knows how many quietly working) to arm themselves with nuclear weapons, a health insurance “system” that openly ignores over 45 million Americans, a retirement system that might not be able to remain solvent, worsening childhood and adult obesity, and a litany of other issues that affect millions and millions of people on a daily basis.

That’s why I’m particularly glad to see that our esteemed elected members of Congress are rising to the challenges before us, and starting to hold hearings to try to come up with real solutions to the problems of America. First up: an investigation of steroid use in professional baseball, and a sham hearing to try to sidestep the Terri Schiavo rulings of every single level of court in the country.

In all seriousness, there are days when I think our country needs a do-over.