shuttle ferried into barksdale, la

Greg Pearson, of the Shreveport Times, captured an incredibly cool image of the Space Shuttle being ferried into Barksdale Air Force Base yesterday; the shot illustrates the Times article about NASA choosing to pit stop in Louisiana to avoid bad weather on the flight back to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Both the picture and a related article about the excitement surrounding the unexpected visit reminded me about the few times that a Shuttle similarly visited San Antonio when I was a kid, and how many people knew exactly when and where the 747 and Shuttle would appear in the sky to try to catch a glimpse. (We even had a decent poor-man’s alternative, too — the 747s used to spend a little time at the Boeing maintenance facility on the edge of the city airport property, and you could drive by to take a look whenever they were in town. Sure, they’re just 747s, but the huge tailfin stabilizers and the NASA logo were pretty cool to see in little ol’ San Antonio!)


Let me tell you, Jason; I was at KSC for a week for some work [that’s a whole other story that’d make most folks shake their heads], and … sadly, I missed the landing of the bird at KSC by a half-hour on Sunday morning.

• Posted by: Geof F. Morris on Aug 27, 2005, 5:51 PM
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