matt dancing in pike place market

This weekend, my brother passed on a link that’s kept me entertained ever since. Where the Hell is Matt? is the site of Matt Harding, a self-described “28-year-old itinerant deadbeat from Connecticut” who’s traveling the world and posting fantastic missives along the way. On top of this, though, Matt has taken up videotaping himself dancing at all of his destinations, and the clip montage he’s posted is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen on the web in a while. (My favorite is his clip from the Impenetrable Forest in Uganda — it’s both creative and funny.) The whole package is oddly life-reaffirming — a guy who quit his job to wander the Earth and dance! — and easily has made its way into my daily-read list.

(I’ve put up a torrent for the large QuickTime version of the clip montage, so feel free to treat Matt’s bandwidth gently and get the movie from the torrent instead. I asked Matt for permission, though, so if he’s not OK with it the torrent might disappear.)