A little while ago, during the thick of things in post-Katrina New Orleans, I asked if anyone had found a decent infographic that helped explain both what led to the waterlogged city and how the situation was changing. One of the commenters pointed me in the direction of the New York Times interactive feature (really, a full-fledged Flash application), and I’ve been following it ever since. The people at the Times have kept the app updated nearly daily, and have added feature after explanatory feature; it’s a great resource for synthesizing all the information about levees, pumps, canals, neighborhoods, and everything else.

An honorable mention also goes to CNN’s offerring, which I first saw this morning. In particular, the CNN app has maps with overlaid information about estimated water depth by date ranges, showing where the water was its deepest, and how engineers have progressed in pumping out areas of the city.