What an exciting last weekend of the baseball season! Last night’s Red Sox win was frustrating to watch, but today’s Yankees win (and clinch of both a playoff berth and the American League East division title) made up for that. Tomorrow brings the Indians fighting for their playoff lives — the only scenario in which they can beat out the Red Sox for the final American League playoff spot is by them winning tomorrow and the Red Sox losing tomorrow and the Indians then beating the Red Sox in a one-game playoff on Monday. Wildcard excitement!

(And sure, there’s no question that the close races have put a lot of potential scenarios on the table going into the final three games of the season, but I think that Jayson Stark probably overplays the “woe is us, how confusing this all is!” card in his column on ESPN.com today. However, it’s damn funny reading about how few of the players on the field actually had thought through the meaning of today’s games at Fenway Park and Jacobs Field, and as a result, how most of the Red Sox didn’t understand why the Yankees were celebrating after they won the game this afternoon.)

Go Yanks!