It looks like TiVo is starting off a partnership with Yahoo today by adding the ability to record shows to your TiVo from the Yahoo TV listings pages. (To use the new feature, you need to log into your Yahoo account, go to the TV listings page, register to link up your Yahoo! and TiVo accounts, and then you’ll see “Record to my TiVo box” links on all the individual program pages.) I’m pretty stoked about this, if only because I find TiVo’s own online recording interface (TiVo Central Online) to be painful to use, replete with functionality buried underneath needless layers of links and verification steps. The only thing I can see missing from the Yahoo interface is the ability to set up season passes; otherwise, I’m sold on the new partnership. (PVRblog has more on the deal, including info about future services Yahoo plans to bring to the TiVo platform.)