The best sign that I’m getting older is that today, rather than savor the first real snowfall we’ve had this year in Boston, I immediately started to dread the endless shovelling and tiresome parking battles that begin today. Last winter, I had to wake up an hour early most mornings so that I could go outside, clean off one or two cars and shovel them out of the snow, come back inside and shower, and then frequently head back outside to discover that a snow plow had buried us behind a new wall of snow — not fun at all. And since I live in a little community with minimal to no on-street parking, even the ethic of not taking a parking place that someone painstakingly shoveled out for themselves sometimes goes out the window, meaning that I also spent a good deal of time trying to find the person whose car was snuggled tightly into my spot. The forecast calls for even more snow tomorrow morning, which makes me want to crawl into bed and come out in April.