Doesn’t that just figure — on the day that I post about a network outage at Six Apart, my own network connection decided to become fiercely flaky.

t1 bandwidth graph

It turns out that responsibility for my digital line is a bit tricky — I pay my ISP for the line, and they subcontract with two different telcos for different parts of the line (the part that goes from our house to the local central office is managed by Verizon, and the part that goes from the central office back to the ISP is managed by MCI Worldcom). After everyone came into agreement that the problem was on Verizon’s portion, the tech came out this morning and isolated it to a single span of wire that failed during yesterday’s rainstorm here in Brookline. He switched out the span, and now that it’s testing clean again, we should be back in business. Sorry for the spotty outages!