Does anyone know what’s up with Amazon’s new “your item is in stock but it’ll take us nearly a week to process your order” feature?

We'll get it to you when we damn well feel like getting it to you!

(Note that this is specifically on an item that Amazon itself fulfills; it appeared on four or five such items on a few of my search result pages tonight.) I’ve been using Amazon enough over the past week or two to feel pretty secure that this is a newly-introduced thing from the past day or two, but I can’t really figure it out. If the item is in stock, and Amazon is the one handling the order from soup to nuts, why does it take so long for them to get it out the door?


I wonder if this is for products sold through the new Fulfillment by Amazon service where they process payments, pack, and ship third-parties’ products out of Amazon’s warehouses. 4-5 days extra doesn’t really make sense, but that’s what it made me think of.

• Posted by: David Adams [TypeKey Profile Page] on Oct 6, 2006, 6:51 AM
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