If the two-day Skype outage from last week was the result of a flaw in Skype’s own software, why did the company only release an updated Windows version of its client? What about the Mac and Linux users — does the robustness of the software on those platforms not matter?


They claim it was related to the restarts after Windows Update - maybe that really was true, and only the windows clients need to be changed to alter the timing of the logins or something similar?

• Posted by: Dave G on Aug 21, 2007, 10:29 AM

Naaaah, it was an issue where when a bunch of nodes of their peer-to-peer network cycled off and on, the “self-healing nature” of the network failed; they claim that they identified some component of their P2P implementation that, due to a bug, caused the failure. The new Windows client ostensibly contains the fix to the implementation, but given that we’re talking about the platform-independent part of their technology — the network and how it’s managed/implemented — that solution needs to be pushed out to *all* their platforms. It’s just weird to me that they chose only to fix the Windows side of it.

(Also note that there are a lot of voices out there expressing doubt that Skype’s explanation makes any sense; this month’s MS patches weren’t distributed any differently, and there’s no reason that all those Windows machines out there should have behaved any differently in installing the patches. The fact that only the Windows client got fixed is another data point in favor of there being another explanation of what happened…)

• Posted by: Jason on Aug 21, 2007, 11:25 AM
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