Senator Ted Stevens found guilty on all seven counts of corruption. Stunning. It’s somewhat hysterical that this is a man who once chaired the Senate Ethics Committee.

I wonder if Sarah Palin will now be willing to answer the question she’s avoided to date: whether she supports the reelection of Stevens. (Note to any and all press members who might be endowed with the right to ask her a question or two: this would make a fine one!) I also wonder if the Senate will have the cojones to expel Stevens if he somehow manages to win his reelection bid — it takes a 2/3 majority to vote to expel a member, something that hasn’t happened since the Civil War expulsions in 1862. (Bob Packwood probably would have been expelled in 1995, had it not been for his resignation in light of that fact.)

This is a good time to acknowledge the amazing work of the folks at TPMMuckraker, who’ve been on the Ted Stevens story since mid-2007; their work certainly serves as the best place to see how the investigation developed into today’s guilty verdicts.