Hooray — AP has called the Alaska Senate seat for Mark Begich, confirming that Ted Stevens now trails Begich by more votes (3,724) than can be made up by the remainder of uncounted ballots (2,500). That’s certainly great news; that being said, I’d love to have seen if the GOP had the balls to kick him out of the Senate. (Hell, the Dems didn’t even have the balls to kick Lieberman’s sallow corpse to the curb, something he so richly deserved after his behavior this election season.)

(And the factoid of the day: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington DC’s Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, received nearly 80,000 more votes than Stevens, and over 76,000 more than Begich. It’s a stark reminder of the size of the voting population in Alaska, a state that’s been at the center of this year’s election for many more reasons than normal.)