For those who are all excited about Twitabit, the service that promises to queue up Twitter postings if the service is down, consider these two factlets:

  1. Twitabit asks you to type in your Twitter password — as in, you’re on a page on and asked to type in your password to another site entirely;
  2. Twitabit appears to have not one word of a privacy policy, or any other text that’ll help you understand why on Earth you should trust them with your password to another site.

Ummmm, no thanks. No thanks at all.

I know it’s been quiet around here; being a dad is enough fun that I usually come home from work and only want to play. That being said, I thought this was worth breaking radio silence for:

I’m so happy we got those on video!

Talk about an awesome, awesome graph, showing how history managed to be made yesterday. (But of course, you can’t put too much on the “history was made” part, since whoever came out of the Dem contest, history would have been made.)