What do you think makes an applicant more attractive to a college, getting great grades and working hard in an internship, or having a propensity for filing lawsuits against your school demanding better grades? Does the fact that the lawsuit is over a grade given by the applicant’s mother change the answer at all? How about the fact that the lawyer representing the student is that same aforementioned mother?


Petty. Just petty.
Personally, I think that internship should be disqualified on the grounds that it was with his MOTHER. I mean what mother is going to say her son did less than perfect in anything? Particularly a mother willing to sue over one point. I mean, really.
I’m sure if this boy becomes a lawyer someday, he’ll be snapped up by one of those “we’ll sue over anything” law firms. That’s provided he makes it through law school without suing ever law school he tries to attend. heh.

• Posted by: Chloe on Feb 7, 2003, 1:40 PM

To Hell with undergrad. Get that kid to Law School FAST! I’d love to see how long he lasts in that meat grinder. You don’t agree with the professor? You think you’re a little law machine? Gonna sue the Law School?

Grab ankle sonny-boy.

• Posted by: starbuck on Feb 7, 2003, 2:03 PM
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