Once again, I missed one of Dahlia Lithwick’s dispatches from the Supreme Court, this one about the arguments in Lawrence v. Texas challenging the state’s law banning same-gender sex. It’s possibly her best column ever; it’s damn funny, and perfectly frames much of the idiocy of anti-homosexual statutes. And, as always, it brings to the forefront the interplay of the Justices themselves during the oral arguments, highlighting their attempts to steer the arguments towards their personal points of view, and to save the lawyers from the traps set by the other Justices.


Maybe I’ve been paying more attention lately, but Scalia seems to be on more of a reprehensible streak than ever.

Things look unsure in the affirmative action case currently being argued. Kennedy and O’Connor seemed to be asking questions that point to Michigan’s policy being unconstitutional based on the 1986 findings, although they may merely be playing devil’s advocate. They will once again be the swing voters.

• Posted by: machaus on Apr 2, 2003, 10:58 AM

There’s another new one today:


• Posted by: Smackfu on Apr 2, 2003, 12:56 PM
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